February 11 2020 chinese astrology

Although he found the Rat unsightly, he was also pleased that the Rat could offer potential help, so he captured him quickly.

The Rat agreed to help, and because of his brilliant senses, was able to discover all of the animals in the mountain with Yu. Rat convinced Tiger, the king of the mountain animals, to allow all the animals to come down to land in order to help human beings control the waters, which had caused havoc on the Earth following the chaos of its creation.

Tiger agreed.

Lucky Signs for 2020 Metal Rat

To celebrate, the Emperor of Heaven announced that all animals who had taken part in the water control would have the opportunity to participate in a race. The first twelve animals arriving at the altar would be the Zodiac Gods. The animal to reach the alter first would be superior above all the other eleven animals. The night before the race, Rat knew he would not win the race outright, so he needed to think fast.


12222: Year of the Pig โ€“ Chinese Animal Signs

He chose Ox because he thought him the most enduring animal of the group. The next morning the race began, and just as Ox was about to be the first to reach the alter, Rat jumped out from under his horn and got to the alter first! The human beings were outraged. Yes, the Rat had helped in finding the animals in the first place, but he had also used trickery to get to where he wanted to go, and they felt that this was very unfair. However, the Emperor of Heaven honoured the result and told the humans it couldn't be changed, because playing tricks was also a kind of wisdom!

In this way, the Rat became the top of all zodiac signs. The colour of Yang Metal is often seen as white or golden.

Chinese Year of the Rat

Yang Metal is associated with boats, ships, strong weather fronts and even submarines. The Rat itself is also associated with water, rain and the Ocean. So, we may feel this Water element strongly. Visually, this year can be seen as the Yang Metal Rat as a ship traveling on the ocean.

This could mean that we need to be extra patient as we wait to arrive at our chosen destination. The auspices of the element of the year - the metal. Durable material represents the strength, firmness, decisiveness. The color of the year - white or silver.

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It symbolizes purity, wisdom, flawless perfection. People born in the Year of the Metal Rat have a sharp mind, strong will. They are able to make quick decisions, their power is enough for a few things at once. Representatives of this sign is very eloquent, they are easy to defend their point of view. However, the lack of flexibility, it is very stubborn, having decided, rarely change their opinion.

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Often fall into anger and quick to take offense, while trying not to share their feelings with others. Nourish cautious and cunning beast promotes luck in financial affairs.

ARIES Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 โ€“ Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

Rat distinguishes sharp mind, moreover, it is very careful. People of this sign have a phenomenal intuition in business. Money matters do not cause trouble. Nearly every four years is a Leap Year, and we add a leap day, an extra day on February All rights reserved. Menu timeanddate. Tweet Follow. Facebook Twitter.

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